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So our 79' westi (Dharma Van) took a trip from Oakland to Dillon beach with zero issues and at a good speed. My wife and I have 5-6 days off in a couple of weeks and were thinking of a roadtrip up north - any suggestions for this duration? we will be traveling with 2 very well behaved dogs. I was thinking going up the cost to visit the massive redwoods- what else is there to see on the way up and back? any roads to avoid or things to see? Any suggestions/tips are welcome.




Dharma Van

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We love Hwy 1 between Jenner and Ft. Brigg. It has to be one of the Great Roads in the USA. The spring is a good time to go but we like it all year unless it is flooding  ect.


Bill Witz 84 Westy Tiico "Old Paint"

Gualala has a very nice  campground that might be available during the week. The Anderson Valley (Hwy 128) features Navarro Redwoods State Park with a rarely used, inexpensive campground and Anderson Valley Brewery, not to mention a bunch of good wineries. Maybe you can return this way.
Head up to Eureka in Humboldt and go east on the 299 to trinity county.  The road follows the Trinity river and there are a lot of pretty much empty campgrounds along the way.  The 299 will eventually take you into Redding and then you can just hop on the 5.

My two favorite campgrounds: Indian Creek (county park) in Boonville on 128 and Petrolia further north by Ferndale. You can't beat that last one. County park at the end of lighthouse road.


Here's some info on the first: http://vwcamperfamily.ning.com/group/campsitereviews/forum/topics/i...


Also, check out the VW Camper Family campground map:



Calaveras Big Trees is GREAT!  Went there last year in my camper and am going there this weekend....
Thanks everyone ! I will report back with our itinerary !
The drive thru tree in Legget is neat to see.  Don't know if your '79 Westy will fit.

Lost Coast,  Redwood National Park, Ferndale, Samoa Cookhouse, Petrolia, Arcata.



Joe Ehrlich said:

Lost Coast,  Redwood National Park, Ferndale, Samoa Cookhouse, Petrolia, Arcata.



What about Yosemite? not many people yet and lots of water 150- 200 percent of normal I am going some time in May I hope.

We just came home from Pinnacles  lots of water, lots of wild life, we were lucky and had a show of condors gladeing over our campsite. It was very peaceful ,what camping should be i.e. to let you know that nature is still a liveing breathing creation. On the way home we drove over to Santa Cruz to pick up front  brake pads/ rotors/bearings from Van Cafe and drove up hwy 1 to 92 and back to the valley. What fun!

Bill Witz 84 Westy Tiico "Old Paint"

Update: We went up north, drove on a rainy night to Samuel P Taylor Park on a Sunday. Then kept gogin north and stayed at State Parks up the Coast (a bit colder than anticipated) but our newly installed Espar Diesel heater worked like a champ. Solar panels did their thing to keep us charged also. Will write a more detailed report with reviews of parks etc and some pictures in the next couple of days. We made it to the redwoods up north and loved it, drove back on the 101 in one shot with no issues, mechanically the dharma van did excellent - only one minor repair, the drivers wiper blades kept coming off, two zip ties later- problem solved ! Stay tuned and thanks everyone for your suggestions !


A couple of pics of the trip, ohh and we didnt make it through the tree - solar panel was in the way, almost took some air of the tyres but did not have a compressor with me to pump them back up :)

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