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This past weekend we headed up to the always-warm and always beer-filled Anderson Valley to camp near Boonville. Boonville is home to the Boonville Brewing Company which hosts its annual beerfest at the fairgrounds every summer. Of course, we stopped in this time (twice) as well, but have yet to play Frisbee Golf as they have an actual course around the brewery.

We found Indian Creek County Park around 3:00 in the afternoon, and there were 3 sites taken at that time. By the time we got back from having a few beers at the brewery (and hashing out some life questions) all the sites were full and a few people were turned away.

The campsites were close to each other - close enough that had we spoken French, we could have heard what the family next to us was saying as they set up their tent. Overall though, because RVs are not allowed (due to tight roads) the campers there were well aware of the closeness and everyone seemed to keep their voices down.

For those unfamiliar with Anderson Valley in general, it's not hard to find a van full of hippy kids camping for the weekend - and this place had its share. We had a great campfire as we listened to the hippy kids play guitar next door.

The bad thing about this site is the barking dogs. Across the river (which was dry) there must be a house and that house must have a few dogs because they barked all night long.

So we suggest you use this as a last second getaway. It's a good spot if you get the right (or no) neighbors but given some bad neighbors, it could have been too close for comfort.

directions from Andersonvalley.org...
Indian Creek County Park

Location: Highway 128 at mile marker 23.48 - 1 mile east of Philo, 5 miles west of Boonville, on the bank of Indian Creek - 75% canopy under tall redwood trees.

Sites: 10 sites at $10 per night
Day use: $1
Flush Toilet - no shower
Car camping only - No RVs

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