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I have a aircooled 1981 ASI/Riviera camper with a 4 speed manual transmission. Since it does not have a tachometer, I am curious about when to shift gears.


Someone told me that the red dots on the speedometer (at 20mph, 35mph, 55 mph) show the speeds at which you should shift gears (from 1st to 2nd gear at 20mph, 2nd to 3rd at 35mph, etc).


However, the engine rpms seem very high at these points and I speculated as to whether these dots might be maximum rpm indicators rather than recommended shift points.


Has anyone had experience with this system?

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35  in third is not that fast at all . In my 79 westy it feels pretty good up to 45 in third, that may be like 3800 rpms. Listen to your motor and let it tell you what to do . On the other hand you don't want to be lugging that engine around slowing the fan down . If you get a cht gauge your engine will tell you what it likes best .
I have a 78' westy and shift from 3rd to 4 th at around 45mph. I 
Once read that for in town driving you use gears 1-3 and use 4th 
On the freeway. 
An air-cooled engine cranking out 3800 rpms sounds angry only because it's not surrounded by water. You may think you're abusing it but you're not.
ps I think I was being a little dramatic saying 3800 at 45 in third but probably close 3500 maybe? I agree with the above statement. BTW whco3grady I broke my clutch cable right up the road from you at the top of G town lake on labor day weekend . I had another cable but lacked locking pliers to hold the old cable while I backed out the wing nut . So I started her in first and drove back to Zoo town clutch-less . I thought a couple times mabye whco3grady will drive by . It worked out though.
We went the other way for Labor Day, to Lost Creek State Park. Stop by sometime if you're going through though.
Yeah I will let you know , we have been through there twice in the westy this summer . Fun is ended for now I'm diagnosing a tick and low compression on #3 arghh . Made it back from Livingston though.  Lost creek park is on our list it looks pretty cool . If  your coming out to Missoula let me know.  Sorry for the high jack Alex.
Yes, 35 in third is slow, but 35 in second is very fast. My question is: is the red dot on the speedometer at 35 mph a maximum rpm indicator (for second gear)? Should I not exceed 35 while in second gear?
This is for the '82; I don't know how much difference the year would make, but I doubt it's much.
Thanks, just what I needed.

whc03grady said:
This is for the '82; I don't know how much difference the year would make, but I doubt it's much.

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