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We were planning on heading to Yellowstone National Park around the end of August... driving from Vancouver, B.C., Canada on the west coast. We have 2 weeks in which to do this before the kids have to head back to school.

Has anyone been there before?  Can anyone suggest a couple of the spots that might be best to stay at for a couple day stint at a time?  From the map overview, I had planned on staying 2-3 nights at Canyon... then down to southern area for a couple nights.. and then some nights around Old Faithful... etc.
Seeing as we would need to book ahead (crazy, busy time of year there?), it would be good to know the most interesting, kid/family-friendly areas to stay at.

Thanks kindly

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It's been some time since I've been to Yellowstone, but I know this: it was busy then and it's even busier now. At this point you're gonna be stuck with whatever camping space you can get, pretty much. The busy time of year there is mid-May through mid-September.

I don't have any hints as to the kid-friendliness/kid-unfriendliness of any specific areas. The whole park is kid-friendly, really--bubbling mud! What more could a kid want? Keep them on the paths, though.

I from California Los angeles a like your planing to Yellowtone Park I have interesting to go ,my name is
Jesus A. Cornejo I need more imformation please.
All Booked.
Had to pick something... so chatted with the people in Yellowstone doing the booking.
From there, look to camping and then find the phone number. Took a number of tries (busy all the time!) and then a loooooooong wait on the phone.
We'll see how the trip goes. Gets down to about 8 degrees C (45 F) in the evenings around that time... so warm evening clothes.

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