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I just returned from a 1384 mile, four week road trip from Lake Havasu City,Az. to Sedona for indian ruin hiking and jeep tour of the back country.



Then on to North Rim of the Grand Canyon for four days of dispersed camping. Little known secret that if you are 1/4 mile outside of a Nat. Park and on Nat. Forest land it's all free camping. Never saw another person four 3 days.Campground was full inside the park.



Next stop Zion National Park for four days of biking and hanging out by the Virgin River that runs through the park. 


Headed to Bryce Canyon for three nights in the pines and mountain biking.Thunder storms were awesome!




 Arrived Capitol Reef Nat.Park for more biking,exploring,hiking and attending nightly Ranger talks at the amphitheater.Woke up every morning surrounded by deer. Lot's of history here. You can pick fresh fruit from the orchards that were planted there before WWII.


Overall average gas mileage was 20 mpg over the 1384 miles with a loaded 1990 stock Vanagon. And I mean Loaded down! Mountain bike hanging on the front,kayak,three chairs,two tents,huge full ice chest and refridge,full backpack,30 gal.of water,one duffle bag full of clothes I never really made a dent in, propane BBQ with lot's of extra bottles,10 lbs of books and guides.Too many flashlights.75 watt solar panel with extra battery and 1200 watt inverter. A tool box containing tools to overhaul the motor.Enough firewood to light up Las Vegas.

 The highest pass I went over was 9600 feet ,at least that's what my altimeter said, on Hwy 12 through Dixie Nat. Forest between Bryce and Capitol Reef Park. I was down to 35 mph in second gear with the gas peddle mashed to the floor. Hey,what's the hurry?

 Got a lot of comments on my VW everywhere I went. One couple screamed out across the campground at Bryce Canyon, "I WANT ONE OF THOSE" is it for sale?




 Next time I'm going to find a nice lady that want's to tag along. Tired of doing all these road trips alone. I'm headed out again in three days for the high country to get out of the Az heat. If anyone has questions on how I set up my solar system just drop me a note and I will answer as many questions as I can. I did it on my sailboat and motor home so I have a little experience.

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Great shots, great adventure. We're gonna have to get out that way sometime.
Those pix remind me of a similar road trip in my first Westy back in 1991. Thanks for the memories!
Where would you put her??? :-) I guess you'd find room!
Right front seat is empty.

Bill and Carol said:
Where would you put her??? :-) I guess you'd find room!
What a great surprise ! Thought I'd be reading about mpg and then ... great pics of a great trip !

You covered some very pretty country and I bet it was fun.  But with a nice female companion it sure could have been much better;  I must agree.

But most of all enjoy

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