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Since Beavertail Hill State Park sits about 400 ft from an active railroad and maybe 800 ft from I-90, hardcore car-camping enthusiasts may deride this choice, but I stand by it. The trains are the worst of the noise, but it doesn't diminish the camping experience much in my opinion. I've always liked train sounds anyway, and I've never noticed the road.


The park is of two discontinuous parts, on either side of I-90 Exit 130: a small pond (complete with a couple tiny islands) on the North side, and the campground and trail on the South side. The pond is stocked with trout and I'm told makes for excellent ice fishing, but there's enough swimming going on in the Summer that I doubt you'd catch much then. Maybe in the evening or early morning though.

Back at the campground, there is a pleasant nature trail that's short enough you might as well take it twice, once in each direction, at different times of day for variety. The grounds are nicely wooded with riparian trees and pine, offering plenty of shade.


There are a couple dozen level sites and I'm thinking most or all will handle a couple VWs. The best ones are along the Clark Fork River and my very favorite is #22, which I believe is the most isolated; our neighbors were distant and entirely unnoticeable. Bring a canoe or a tube (and fishing gear), but you probably should stay out of the river during Spring runoff (April/May), when it'll be pretty full and fast. Little ones and dogs especially. The pond would be a great alternative when the Clark Fork is high.

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