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A small but magnificent gem tucked away in the Southern reaches of the Flint Creek Range, Lost Creek State Park has 25 sites arranged among aspen and tall, thin evergreens, all within five minutes' walk of a 50-foot waterfall. The canyon walls rise 1,000 and 1,400 feet above the campground. You can hike all the way to the source of Lost Creek, or do some scrambling on the rocks littering the feet of the canyon. Or both. It's a pretty nice place.

Only one camping vehicle is allowed per spot (or a vehicle plus a tent). I think it was $10/night, but I wasn't paying close attention since my Montana license plates let me sleep for free. Pit toilets and fresh water are available. 




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Imagine the aspens in their fall glory!

Don't just imagine:
A few more here.

Another visit here (it's becoming a favorite).

Nice! I got as far as Wyoming one fall and the aspens were spectacular. Now, we do have that fall show here in the Sierras, as well.


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