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Hello Ladies,

I've just joined the group and am so looking forward to catching up with everyone.

I've got a 91 westie, I've yet to name. She (yes it's a she) is new to me as of early May this year and goes by big blue at the moment. It's a step up from the 79 air cooled westie I had way back when.

I live and work on Cape Cod year round and hope to find some

gals close by to go on weekend road trips or camping  adventures . I hope to plan a trip up the coast thru Maine and into Canada. Also on my short list of trips is a camping adventure thru the bad lands of South Dakota.

 I have a dog,Maxx, a giant schnauzer that I adopted in late January of this year.

 If you're every on the cape give me a shout out. 



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Gayle, OMG!!!! YIPPEE!!!!! I am on Cape this week for a couple more days only. I reside in Provincetown usually but just back from a 7 month, 7853 miles road trip in my 1971 Wesftfalia - the drive was for a special cause (see http://vw4causes.org and facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-YesWeCan-CamperVan/203679777444)
I left my VW bus in California at Wolfsburg West and flew back last week. Am dog tired! Fly from BOS to London end of week. Maybe I can stop in and see you on my way off Cape .... or your are most welcome to visit me here. Email me at caroleiod@gmail.com please or find me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/carole.brown1
When I was here all last summer, I saw only two other buses, and they were from Canada. I'm so excited you found this group.

P.S. These days we speak mostly on the VW women group on Facebook. Join me on FB so I can add you to that group - if you wish.


Welcome!  This is an amazing group of women.


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