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So, even tho the trip to get the Bus was juuuust a tad bit longer than I'd expected, it was soo worth all those miles ~ ! ~ And after looking online, checking the newspaper for good Running vehicles, it was definetly all good.

Now the fun gets going into the next gear ~ The curtains, beads and other assorted goodies are setting about inside, and the extra things can be added - when it doesn't look like there could be any space to put anything, there Shall Be a Way to do so ~ !! ~ And the added plus is that the weather is finally warming up, so that makes the interior of the Bus all nice an' warm..making it seem even harder to stay at home, when the natural instinct is to pack it up an' leave town with the rising sun.

But then, maybe it should be the other way around ~ Leave with the rising sun, an' worry about all those other things at a later date...Sounds like a good idea to me.

So, le's see...got suntan lotion...beach chair...cooler W/appropriate goodies..what more is there?? ~ ! ~

I'm gone..........at least in Spirit~~

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