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Finished curtains, bed cover and Beads ~

Wanted to share the shots of the finished fabrics that got added to the interior of the Bus - I didn't pay a dime for anything - all of the fabric I bought years ago, and the beads too - I originally used the beads for some mobiles, but no shops wanted them..so there I was stuck with a gazillion of 'em ~ So being the tightwad I am, I simply put all of them to another use.

Now the interior looks much more cozy, and all together it barely took any time at all. The beads over the rear view mirror took the longest. I couldn't decide what colors to use...I've got an entire tackle box filled with the things..so it was a choice of 2 strands. then goin' for broke. Got them done while listening to a couple baseball games..and some great Miles Davis on the Jazz station on the satellite dish...pretty good combination if I don't mind sayin' so myself ~ ! ~

No it's time to dig out the vacuum cleaner, 'cause the floor of the Bus is still covered with leaves and grass and crumbs from last weeks camping trip.. Ha ! ~ Watch, jus' about the time I get the thing cleaned, somethin' else will call my name, an' off go me The Husband & the Bus....


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