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Toes's Videos (11)

  • Novemberfest 2011

    Novemberfest 2011

    an annual Volkwagen car show at Austin Veedub. Brings in quite a few old and new volkswagen and vol… Toes Nov 28, 2011 100 views

  • Transporters at the Point 8

    Transporters at the Point 8

    Our yearly VW get together with family and friends at Morgans Point Texas. It poured down rain on… Toes Oct 17, 2011 134 views

  • VW Harvest 2011

    VW Harvest 2011

    Took Bean down to the VW Harvest show oct 2 2011. Had a good time. Shot all on GoPro, edited with… Toes Oct 11, 2011 90 views

  • Texas VW Classic 2011

    Texas VW Classic 2011

    Bean's trip out to the Texas Classic in Fredericksberg. Had a great time, looking forward to next y… Tags: bean, classic Toes Jun 17, 2011 152 views

  • Cruise'n & Camp'n

    Cruise'n & Camp'n

    Boring video of us driving around in the bus, for a camp at Barefoot Fishing Camp out in Bend, Texa… Toes Feb 22, 2011 100 views

  • Novemberfest 2010

    Novemberfest 2010

    Yearly VW get together down at Austin Veedubs. Shot all on iphone 4, so it's pretty shaky. Toes Nov 24, 2010 35 views

  • Getting my VW bus Home

    Getting my VW bus Home

    quick video from when we picked Bean (1976 Bay Window Camper) up through we we got her running. She… Toes Nov 9, 2010 95 views

  • Fall Sunset time lapse

    Fall Sunset time lapse

    camping for the T@P 7 event and ran a time lapse of the sun setting. Musik by Dallas Artist D. Anso… Toes Oct 13, 2010 55 views

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