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Bothe-Napa Valley State Park is a welcome break from the tourists and hustle of Napa Valley towns to the south. The park is small, but relatively well-wooded, spread out and seemingly quiet.

Best sites are 1 through 6, or #32 if you are doing the walk-in. 2nd best sites are 7 through 18 - which are a little more crowded but are still away from the circle.

The sites to avoid are 19 to 26 and 37 (handicap) to 50. Sites 28 to 36 are walk-in, although it's not much of a walk and the sites are fairly close to each other (we stayed in 29 once, which wasn't bad).

We have been a few times and find it more peaceful in the off-season. In the spring, the stream behind the sites has water in it (which can keep your beer and fish cold)and the Ritchey Creek which goes close to sites 1-18 and 43, 45, 47, 49 will provide some nice white noise to sleep to.

We highly recommend this as an alternative to Napa Valley's crazy hotel prices.

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