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I have cut & pasted information below from Blake Heinlein on several campgrounds off Highway 50 in El Dorado County and nearby.

Here's a rundown on campground on HWY 50. And this is a map link showing most of the campgrounds.

When traveling east on 50 up to Placerville you will be in foothills
with oaks and digger pines. Very hot during the summer. Then keep going
and it will transition into pines and more traditional national forest.

The first decent campground is Sly Park. They have a nice lake, I recommend reservations. http://www.eid.org/recreation/sly-park-camping.htm
The spots tend to be close together and all dirt. Good shade in most
areas, hilly inside campground. There is a 7 mile trail around the lake.
Can be mountain biked but part has to be walked.

Next you will come to Ice House Rd. Travel north on this road and it will take you to the following reservoirs:
-Ice House (small compact campgrounds with big camper trailers, 2
campgrounds, we didn't like it, could be nice during the week with fewer
-Union Valley (four campgrounds, more space at these)
-Loon Lake (small busy campground, beautiful area) This lake is the
kickoff point for the Rubicon Trail (4x4 jeepers). There are lots of big
trucks, trailers, a jeeps on the north end of the lake. Interesting to
watch but a lot of testosterone.

Back on HWY 50 near Kyburz is Silver Fork Rd. Head south on this and
there are two campgrounds 1.) China Flat 2.) Silver Fork. Shelby and I
love Silver Fork. It's right on the river and far enough off the beaten
track that it weeds out the crowds. I can't remember if they take
reservations, don't think so. But both campgrounds fill up this time of
the year, so get there early on Thursday and you will likely get a spot.
Biking is limited because the main road is the only road to ride on and
it has some traffic. This is were I would recommend you to go of all
the campgrounds listed.

Make reservations if allowed, lots of campers right now.

I hope this helps. Have a great summer!

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Thanks for posting that! I'll add more for that area as I have time.


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