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1 hour south of SF on a twisting a turning road.
$2 for a detailed map of trails at the check-in.

This is very much a family campground. We were in site #39, which is about the only site with privacy - you can still hear everything but at least you are blocked from their view a little. Almost all the sites are right on top of each other and there is little privacy. Noise is a large factor here; we went in August and there were quite a few crying babies in the night, which is magnified by the cavernous redwoods overhead.

The quietest time at the site was between check-out and check-in (but we were there in August).

Don't forget bugspray - this was one of the few sites in northern California were mosquitos were a problem (after nightfall, there were less).

Bathrooms were below average but weren't totally gross - toilet paper was stocked, there were 3 stalls with sinks and 2 pay-by-quarter showers (2 minutes for $.25). Be sure to bring flip-flops to wear in the shower as the floor is dirty cement.

There was no campstore although they sold firewood at the check-in (of course, they were out for the 2 days we were there). Nearest store is 1 hour away (and even that was a rip-off).

All in all, stay away from it during high season.

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