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Pretty good first come first served near Yosemite.

Stanislaus National Forest - The Pines was a pretty good campground considering that it is car-camping and that the people are pretty close to each other.

One thing is RVs are discouraged, and there are no spots for trailers. So for the weekend drinking camper, this spot will be skipped. There are two walk-in sites, either 6 & & or 7 & 8, depending on which sign you believe. And we think that this area is out of bear country, although I'm not certain. There were no food containers at all on the sites, so we did the old food-in-the-car-leave-the-car-unlocked thing. Never saw evidence of bears or racoons, which just seems impossible.

Being that this was really close to Yosemite, it would be a great staging campsite to make it to from San Fran on a Friday night and then get into Yosemite early the next morning.

Located on the south side of highway 120 about 9 miles east of Groveland.

link to official web page

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