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Kelly Dahl Campground Review

In true Pig fashion, the trip started off with a couple of snags. While warming up the bus for the trek, we ran out of gas. Strike 1. We hadn't even left the driveway yet. So I grabbed a gas can from the garage and grabbed the keys to our Jeep, put the key in the ignition, and of course the gas light is on. I now have two vehicles in my driveway, one is completely out of gas, and the other is running on fumes. 
After going through all my anger management techniques, I managed to regain enough sanity to function as a normal human being. When the Pig runs out of gas, it isn't always as easy as just filling it back up with gas. We put a gallon of gas in there, and I tried to coax the Pig back to life. After trying and failing a couple of times, I thought maybe getting the bus on level ground might help. Voila! Back in business. 
About half way to our destination, we thought we would stop to get some ice. We pulled into a Whole Foods parking lot in Boulder, and I waited outside while the girls went in to get the ice and a snack. A nice couple approached me with questions about the bus. I wasn't feeling particularly social at the time, but I was friendly and cordial as always. I was feeling privileged to have this old bus after telling them how I have had it for three virtually trouble free years. 
People were coming through the parking lot smiling and waving, admiring the bus. I was feeling great. Maizy came out with some health food version of pizza, which I happily devoured. With a happy family and a full belly, it was time to get to the campground. Turn the ignition, nothing. Dead. Strike 2.  I go through the checklist in my head. Is it the starter? Is it the fuel pump? What could it be? I glanced down and noticed the knob for the lights was pulled out. My best guess was that we needed a jump. Ironically, the same couple I was just bragging to about the bus, happened to come back out of the store right as this happened. They ended up giving us a jump and a box of popsicles. 
The bus started right up. I am still perplexed as to why leaving the lights on for as little as ten minutes could completely drain the battery, but I have never been so thankful to have such an iconic fun looking vehicle that attracts attention as I was at that moment. That nice couple renewed my confidence in the human capacity for kindness. Having averted two near disasters, we finally made it to our destination.

The entrance to Kelly Dahl

The campground was great, if not unspectacular. Everything was as advertised. The vault toilets were super clean. The water was available, but took forever to fill up a 5 gallon jug, slow flow. We camped in spot #35. The only complaint I really have is being restricted to the parking pad. There was plenty of worn down spots that I could fit the bus into, but instead I had to pull up to the concrete parking block. A minor annoyance in the grand scheme of it all.



There is plenty of room for the kids to run around and stretch their legs. The camp sites are situated in the loop surrounding this large open area in the middle. Easy to keep track of the kids, plenty of plants and interesting things to explore.

If you wanted to, you could easily put together a game of pick-up soccer, football, frisbee, or whatever floats your boat.

The playground itself was a little sketchy if I'm being honest. It's put together with big logs that are hard for little feet to navigate. It is also extremely old, and in varying states of disrepair. Those metal bars are still attached to the play set, but barely.
I would say that it is slightly too large for a toddler to be left alone on it. Don't be surprised if you are picking out splinters from your kids hands when they are done playing. If you're going to this particular campsite solely for the playground, you will be disappointed.



As always, for me the fun is on the highway.


This is Colorado, so it goes without saying that there is beauty to behold all around you. I love taking pictures of the moon or even just staring at the night sky. There is plenty of opportunity to do both. This was a great trip. The campground was easily accessible, plenty of room for buses to get themselves situated. It wasn't overly crowded even though the spots were all reserved for the weekend. I imagine that has something to do with half the state being on fire. This was a great destination for our first trip of the season. The camp hosts were relatively easy going, and left us alone. I'm always happy to be camping though. I could camp on the side of the road and I would be happy.

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Apologies for the odd layout. I posted this on my blog as well.  Something about Blogger keeps publishing my posts like this. I promise you they look fine before I hit the publish button. Frustrating!

Great write up...  And just up the road from me.  I'll definitely be camping there before winter comes!!!! 

Thanks Pete!

Pete Galt said:

Great write up...  And just up the road from me.  I'll definitely be camping there before winter comes!!!! 

Thanks for the review! I was hoping to do a lot of short, close-to-home trips this summer but since we are so close to the Waldo Canyon fire, all of the areas I  wanted to visit are not going to be an option! We'll have to go further north, I think!

That's so sad about all those houses in the Waldo Canyon fire. Sometimes, the close to home trips are the best. It means being able to camp more frequently! Enjoy your summer!


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