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We took the Pig out this weekend to explore some more campgrounds in Colorado.  We traveled down Highway 285, then headed west on Highway 50 just past Poncha Springs. This route takes you right through South Park Valley. It is one of my favorite stretches of Highway that I have ever driven in Colorado. There is a moment when you come around a bend, and suddenly the Valley just opens up  right in front of your eyes, it always takes my breath away for a moment.  Continuing down South 285 past Buena Vista, turn right on Highway 50, look for County Road 231. It's a little tricky to spot, I passed it by a couple of times.  County Road 231 is just a small gravel road that takes you straight to the campground. Monarch Park has 36 campsites located in a wooded area at the headwaters of the South Fork of the Arkansas River. The campground is on the stream and beaver ponds are close by. The campground is at 10,500 ft so bring some warm clothes for the evening. There are plenty of activities available if you are so inclined. Fishing, Hiking, and 4x4 trails are all nearby.  There are plenty of deep vault restrooms, and they are kept relatively clean. Drinking water is also available, from two wells within the campground. The campground hosts were friendly and willing to offer their advice on the surrounding area. 



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Land of many uses




Maizy loading the firewood.

Brendan greeted us in his robe. 


Picking up my 13 year old son Riley to come along for the journey.


Maizy needs her Coffee. 




High Elevations: Boring Car Trains


The drive up is beautiful, if not slow. Only one guy flipped me off this time. Some of the elevation gains were pretty intense, there were points when I had to keep it in 2nd. 

The Sinclair Dinosaur


Along Highway 50 West


There are plenty of chances for some scenic VW shots! 

Gunnison National Forest


US 50 W


A Different Perspective


Riley Babysitting


The Pig at Spot #9

You could easily get a couple buses in the parking spot for site #9. 

Spot #9 


Spot #9


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Hi Jeremy.... the campground looks nice like a colorado campground... i was up at grand lake a few weeks ago and i shot no photos because they had cut all and i mean all the trees down in the campgrounds...... beetle kill... depressing

 Was it crowded there?


When we showed up late Friday afternoon, there were three or four spots left to choose from. The spot right next to us, was mostly vacant the whole time.  There were a couple of VW Eurovans there, and it was busy, but not overcrowded. Maybe the altitude and the cold nights make it a little less crowded?  So they cut down all the Grand Lake trees? That sucks!


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