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Camp Dick in Pleasant Valley...nice campgrounds, good fishing, and not bad hiking...although it is very popular and sometimes hard to get a last minute spot.
I haven't had the chance to camp there yet. I haven't been able to think of one I can call my favorite yet... I'll know it when I find it though. :)

Just spent four days at Camp Dick with my brother and nephew, my son Ryan and grandkids came up for an afternoon hike that was wonderful. The fishing was fair the weather was perfect and as usual the Camp Ground was clean although busy.



Camp Dick has been on my list for awhile... maybe next summer. :)
The best time for Camp Dick is after school starts, for those of us that are not good at planning it is easier to get a spot last minute.

Hey guys!!  Any knowledge of Dummont Lake or Meadows Campground up on Rabbit Ears Pass?

We are headed to Colorado this coming Thursday for the Pro Challenge Stage Race for a little R&R.  Stage 4 on Friday leaves Avon and finishes in Steamboat Springs. We want to see the finish in Steamboat drink a few beers have dinner then head up Rabbit Ears Pass to spend the night.  Saturday Stage 5 leaves Steamboat and goes over Rabbit Ears pass.  We want to watch them climb the pass.


Any idea which one of those campground is the best and which one is higher up the pass?

Welcome to the group Herman!  The last time I went up Rabbit Ears pass I was 12 years old on my way to a ski trip. I honestly don't know.  What a great idea to watch a bicycle race though.  I'm sure you have already seen this, but here is the link anyway: http://www.exploresteamboat.com/places/meadows_campground/   Have a good trip, we would love to see some photos and hear how it went! 


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