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Transporters at the Point Event


If my bus cooperates, I will. Anyone else? I've never been.

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We have set aside time for TOP and did last year but didn't make it.  We really want to go.  We will give it our best shot.  The trip next week to Colorado will be the best test for the ol' Westy yet.  Expect a bunch of big elevation changes.

Oh by the way s---can the FI and slam dual carbs on that thing.  I'm tellin ya thats the ticket....

Uhh, YES! :p
I..........will be there... Best 3 days of the year (4 if you count Thursday night).

X2 on the carb(s) Kirk I can set you up ;)

for sure, won't miss this show.


CW and i will be there from Wednesday on.

We're all in!  We just found an amazing deal on the vintage drive up circus tent in Colorado and couldn't pass it up.  We'll be camping in that for the first time!  See you there.
Getting close! Westy is dialed in. Woo hoo!

Its coming up again,  2nd weekend in Oct  2012.   Every one needs to go


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