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Little River Raceway Temple, TX!

Ok all, this is on! June 18th. We can arrive as early as 3pm, $15 per head admission, we have our own drag race eliminator set up at 9pm ish for anybody that wants to race. To race is $10.

We'll be camping, and there is a group cost of $80 to cover a night watchman that we have to pay by the time the racing is over. I would like to get commitments in advance for those camping so I'm comfy it will be covered.

Again, no show, but a fun social camping event at the coolest drag strip in Texas!

We are working on some enhancements for Saturday before 3, so stay tuned!

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Ya'll have fun.  Gotta run up close to Santa Fe to pick up a 71 Westy.

Find me a 71 Hardtop. Checked the junkyard, no luggage racks. Still want the number?
Thanks Kirk for checking.  I actually found one here in town yesterday.  You want a tin top Westy?
Yeah, I think Im done with fighting this type4. 71 would be ideal or 74 I can convert.
Buy my 71.  Its a pop top though but a great history....


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