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So i love state parks, they're great, but i'll be damned if they don't cost an arm and a leg to stay at. I just recently stayed at Inks lake, $22/night for a powered/water site, then a $5 day use fee, then another $6 for over night, and everyone else who was camping with me also had to pay the entry/overnight fee! Crazy.

So what are some good private parks in your area? Here are a few in the Central Texas/Hill Country area that myself and my group enjoy. They're cheaper, have fewer restrictions, and are always eager to make you a happy camper. Post any you guys know of.

Longs FIsh and Dig -  in Kingsland and is fantastic. $10/night powered sites, they even give you your first night worth of wood for free, its right on the Llano river so the fishing is pretty good, there's a cool rock to hike out to and climb, you can paddle up river, you can pay a little extra and go digging for arrow heads (i guess it's gotten pretty popular for that) if you're in to ATV, 4x4 and jeep stuff, Hidden falls adventure camp is right down the road in Marble Falls, there's also one close by with the name Longs.
Coord: 30.703136,-98.476692

Barefoot fishing camp - Right outside of Bend Texas, right next to Colorado Bend State park. this one is $5/per person/per night for no power, RV sites are available but i don't know prices
 Sites are scattered all down the Colorado river, this is a great paddling and catfishing, swimming, camp ground, not a ton of hiking, but enough to keep you busy for a day, and if you want Colorado bend is only about 20 minutes away up the road. My group (4 buses) stayed here for a week last spring break, we got there early because It does get packed for spring break. For the most part, you camp wherever you want.

Oxford Ranch - This one we found last year on after the camping situation changed at the Classic.
it's right outside of Llano, before Enchanted Rock. Only got to stay there one night, but the lady who owns the land was nice to us and offered us from fresh eggs in the morning should we want any. It's a pretty nice bathroom close to the main house, with showers. I saw RV's there so i'm sure there are powered sites, but like most private parks we just pulled up under a tree we liked and camped there.
I saw two small ponds. That's all i really know about this one, we'll be camping there again before the classic this year too.

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photos are in order. Longs, Barefoot, Oxford

Buy a state park pass. You pay for you spot but,every one in the car is free.  If you have kids or friends or what ever,after a couple of times the pass pays for itself... $70 a year.    camp often and it does save you alot of cash.I just renewed my card last weekend so mabe that $5 less


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