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Thought this link was neat. Who has experience with any of them?



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Hmmm lets see.....

Caprock Canyons

Hueco Tanks

Lake Whitney

Palo Duro Canyon

Possum Kingdom

South Llano River

Dinosaur Valley

Cedar Hill

Dinosuar Valley

Bob Sandlin

Mckinney Falls

Purtis Creek

Ray Roberts

Which did you guys like best, and why?

Purtis Creek, Cedar Hill, Dinosuar Valley. The staffs are usually really nice, they don't jump out of trees to bust you for talking after 10 pm. They'll tell you to quiet down, but theyre not jerks about it. Bob Sandlin and Ray Roberts always seem to have rookie park ninjas with attitude problems. Mckinney falls, and any place I've been in austin seem to be more relaxed than most around Dallas.

Hueco Tanks is an outcropping of rocks out in the middle of the desert east of El Paso.  Great place to go as a kid and teenager to climb around on the rocks and through the caves.  It was a Apache Indian camp and religious area and a little further west from there is where they would raid the butterfield stage.  No shade.

Lake Whitney and Possum Kingdom was a great place to go back when I water skied,  Nice coves for smooth water skiing.  Great shade and beautiful views.

South Llano river is a beautiful area.  Down by Junction just south of I-10.  I went down there on the motorcycle and camped.  Nice grassy areas by the river, lots of shade, and great motorcycle riding roads out to Telegraph back through to Hunt.  I really would like to go back down there in the bus.

I really like Caprock Canyons and Palo Duro Canyon not just because they are close but because of the scenery, history, awesome hiking and mountain biking trails (Palo Duro was host to a NORBA mountain bike race a couple of years ago) but the facilities are top notch..  When the sun goes down or at sunrise the color in the sky and on the canyon walls are incredible.

Caprock Canyon has a small lake for fishing, nice camp facilities, horse facilities, great hiking and mountain bike trails. The wildlife comes right up to your campground, deer, racoons, possum, turkey.

Palo Duro Canyon is very similar to Caprock Canyon except deeper and bigger.  The mountain bike trails are designed for the novice or the expert.  River crossings are nice with a multitude of camp grounds. 

As soon as I get Kaki up and running again that next weekend will spent down at Palo Duro.




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