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Hi Ladies:

Mary Lou Atkins here. I live up in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains between San Jose, CA and the coastal town of Santa Cruz. What more could you ask for: surrounded by tall, majestic redwood trees and only a 20-minute drive to the beach!

Have owned my '87 Westy for almost 2 years now, but was not "feeling the love" the first year. Bought it from a guy who am pretty sure was a "car flipper" so even though it looked good, it had MAJOR problems right off the bat.

Anyway, hopefully that is all now in the past & I'm feeling more comfortable about taking trips more than 50 miles from my home (and heaven forbid out of range of AAA roadside service).

Would love to connect with like-minded women who enjoy day-hiking, camping adventures, Golden Retrievers & upgrading their Westy.

It's been a while since I celebrated (?) my 65th, but have lots of energy & love the outdoors.

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Welcome Mary Lou! Delighted to have you join us.

If ever you want to venture a little farther north, please visit me in Lakeport, half hour east of Ukiah. I have a large fenced yard for visitors VWs and their dogs :)

Sorry to hear about your first expereinces with your bus. Regarding your mention of AAA cover, I would recommend taking out insurance with Hagerty because they have a roadside program that is far superior to AAA, and there van insurance covers your vehicle for its real value. I have been rescued a few times now and they are superb. 

If you are on facebook, email me and I'll invite you to the women's group there as it tends to be more active.
Happy VWing,


Hi Mary Lou - I'm Andrea and I live in Campbell. I bought a '69 Westy, but it's in mexico getting painted and worked on, it will be a while before I get it back. But just wanted to say HI. You are close, it sounds. Would love to meet up someday - maybe when I get my Westy back.




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