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Hello VW enthusiasts,

My name is Mary and I have been a VW bus owner for over 30 years. Currently, I am on my 3rd VW, a lovely 1987 Westie. 

I recently moved back to the east coast where I am originally from (RI). I miss my camping buddies on the west coast and was hoping to meet up with a few women in this area. I can camp alone and have done a lot of it, but it is always nice to have some company.

Since I am retired, my time is pretty open. 

My idea of a good time camping would be to share a good meal, a fire, a nice glass of wine, some good conversation, a hike, bike, swim, or kayak adventure, and some tips on travel. I also like to take in some of the local sights, particularly anything having to do with history. 

In my former life, I was a college English professor. I have traveled across country in my Volkswagen bus, gone up and down the west coast innumerable times, and rented VW Westies abroad, most notably in England, Wales, Germany, and the Netherlands. I would love to do that again sometime... maybe New Zealand?

Please contact me via email: maryforman2017@gmail.com is you have any desire to look into becoming camping buddies. 

Take care, Mary

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