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Moran State Park - Site # 65 - Midway Campgrounds - Located on Cascade Lake on Orcas Island in the San Juans. We came into this one late and basically slept. EP slept and I read. This is raccoon country and we heard them like small moose tramping through the underbrush and climbing the trees overhead. Site #65 is right down on the water, which is good, but that also means that it is on the road. So while we were treated to lake sounds and wind sounds, they were mostly enough to drown out the road sound.

There are other parts of this park that we did not explore. But the Midway Campground wasn't all that bad. Close to neighbors, but with good coverage to provide a little privacy.

Also, don't miss the top of Mt Constitution. Must see.

A pic from the top of Mt. Constitution...

EP setting up camp...

Cascade Lake taken from the road in front of Midway Campground...

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Wow!! Great pictures! I did a trip to the San Juan's a few years ago, but unfortunately we never made it to Orcas. We stayed at Odlin County Park on Lopez Island. We literally camped on the beach!


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