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I am happy my restoration project is coming along very smoothly! I wish I could link the blog i have been using with this one, but I don't think that option is available..

Tonight I am taking another trip to Lowe's hardware to get another round of stuff. I think that by Sunday the interior will be mostly complete. I got my pop top canvas in the mail from Bus Depot, it was $70 cheaper than at Go Westy. I also got the water pump which was $15 cheaper! Good savings, on the same products. Bus Depot says there canvas is superior. I guess only time will tell. But we will be able to bolt the furniture in (what Trey is working on today), put flooring in, wire up the water pump and put together the sink tubes, paint and put in the remaining panels and hopefully get the stereo system in. After this there will be little things here and there...

and putting in Front seats... when I obtain some. I want to use the seats from my Oldsmobile (they are soooo comfy!) but I will have to bolt them in. I may just do that for comfort, style, and well, they're free. :)

As far as the engine goes, we need a new fuel pump and then it will be running strong. So I project after my next paycheck we should have it running again. With time to spare before the High Country Bus Festival I am looking forward to. :)

I can't wait.

Wow this Website linked up with my Blog with Blogger, you can see the recent posts in the left column at the top! Sweet!! :)

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