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Happy Halloween, interweb peeps!

While we encourage costumes every day of the year, we revel in any holiday that makes them more universally accepted.

Saturday's "Night on the Town" Costume: Marvin the Martian

Pew, pew, pew....
(In case you didn't know, that's what a ray gun sound looks like when typed out!)

Monday's "Work Appropriate" Attire: Hippie
Note: Authentic dress courtesy of my momma!

Just missin' my ride.

Bustache is getting ready for some trick or treating. I'm thinking about driving him a little deeper into our neighborhood and handing out candy from his cab. Steve thinks this will be creepy and that Newport Moms and Dads might not approve of their children accepting treats from our bus. I think it will fun. We'll see who wins out later tonight. I'll keep you posted.

This past Saturday was a lot of fun, though. Steve, my sister, sister-in-law, Bustache and I were able to greet my parents at the end of their Route 66 journey on the Santa Monica Pier.

Made it!

It was an amazing Southern California day... sunny, warm and clear - a complete contrast to our last Santa Monica visit earlier this year (Storm Watch 2011!!!). Parking was a breeze (well... Steve did have to parallel park at one point - never THAT easy when you don't have power-steering). Bustache got lots of smiles and waves. We ate delicious food. And we listened to my parents recount the highlights of their recent adventure. It sounds like they had an amazing time.

The road was not always paved, but you couldn't beat the authenticity.

On the road again...

Some meals were less then lavish, but the ambiance (and company) always compensated.


PB&J in the Painted Desert

A few of the accommodations were luxurious.

The McBirney Mansion

While others were ... unique.

Arizona Teepees

In the end, they made it back full of laughter, happiness and unforgettable memories.

Chariot of Fire: California or Bust!

Welcome home, Mom & Dad! So happy to have you as my road-trip role-models!

That's it for today. We'll let you know tomorrow how Bustache is received by the kiddies and their parents. In the meantime:

Have a SPOOKTACULAR night!


What's the most creative get-up you've seen this year? Do you have separate work/party costumes you'd like to share? Who are your road-trip road-models?

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