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 Yesterday I put on a gangstercap over my windshield. Felt I needed do something as there is a void between the sun visors and the rear view mirror that fits a low arctic sun anyday it wants to and my eyes don't like close encounters with that much light :-)

So now I lack is eight steel (stainless, mind you) screws to secure it to each A-bar on each side of the wind shield - I shall have this mod on my rig.

Did my annual trip to Nijmegen, NL, and returned Monday last week. I knew from before fuel consumption varies a bit on the German Autobahn (7 was the one I did) but to Nijmegen I cruised along at 110km/h ending with about a third of fuel to spare in the fuel tank.

Upon return I cruised at around 140km/h and ended with a quarter of fuel tank left, so I recogn I shall do the slowest driving next time - the travel time was not so much different due to a German invention called "stau". It means jam...

Distance from Kiel to Nijmegen was 512km and that was the driving I can do this years, well add a trip from Oslo to Gothenburg and back in June and that's a wrap. 

-Next year, how ever, is a completely different saga !

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