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Bus Tank Vent Replacement Getting rid of the fuel smell in your '68...


I think I may need to eventually do this. I have mentioned a fuel smell to my mechanic before, and he said I was okay... but still, after some Googling (verb?) I'm all super paranoid about the gas spraying all over the hot engine and The Pig goes up in flames. I have noticed that I mostly get it when I'm driving more aggressive. Take a corner too fast, and the gas is sloshing all over the place. I lost my fuel cap (by my own stupidity or forgetfulness, depending on how you look at it) and I took a turn in a major intersection, and I dumped about 3 gallons out the side of the bus in a huge tidal wave of petrol hitting the pavement. That was early on in my days with The Pig. 


Anyway...does anyone know what a fair price for this is? 



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Talk to Scott at German Supply:




The gas spraying all over the hot engine scenario is most often the result of bad hose in the actual fuel delivery system (between the tank, pump, carbs/f.i., and filter(s)), not bad hose in the vapor recovery system--it doesn't operate under pressure. 

bad hose in the vapor recovery system=annoying fuel smell, probably no fire (but you never know)

bad hose in the fuel delivery system (carbs)=annoying fuel smell and buy a fire extinguisher, because it could catch on fire

bad hose in the fuel delivery system (f.i.)=annoying fuel smell and buy a fire extinguisher, because it's going to catch on fire


If it's just the vapor recovery system at fault, it's still worth fixing because smelling all that gas isn't good for you or (especially) the little one in the back seat.




You really need to replace all of your hoses in the vapor recovery and you may need to replace the tank filler hoses as well.  Depending on you year model bus will depend on if you can still get the filler hose.  The filler neck at the gas cap is universal to bay windows.  Mine is a 76 and my long filler hose is NA so I had one fabricated by using exhaust pipe from a muffler shop and a small section of straight filler hose.  You can do this all your self it just takes time.


If you are using an electric fuel pump it must be mounted some where other than the engine compartment preferably on a crossmember underneath.  Also your fuel filter should be mounted close to the fuel pump.  If you are using a mechanical fuel pump the filter still should be mounted out of the engine compartment.


Here is a link to a fire prevention check http://www.lovemybus.com/forum/index.php?topic=410.0

I would get a gas cap ASAP.  With the price of gas as it is, you've probably already paid for it several times over. I'd check with the bus depot and get one. Plus the gas could run down and get on the exhaust and well you already know the rest.


Looked it up, here is the url....  http://busdepot.com/details.jsp?partnumber=211201551RCH

Busboys also has one. for just under $30. They say black, I would want chrome myself.

Oh no, I got the cap replaced the day I lost it...

Thanks for all the great advice you guys! It's going to come in handy. 

  Smelling gas isn't normal or good.   My '78's rotten fuel filler hose used to drip gas onto the fuel injection computer. (Mostly while fueling or turning left with a full tank.)

 Probably not good :)   Fixing it was no picnic, but I did it with minor contortionism, and a phillips screwdriver.  No gas smell anymore.  It's been a while, but I think I got the filler hose kit from Bus Depot.

I have a locking gas cap which requires the key to lock.  You can never forget the gas cap again.

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