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As summer gets closer and the mind starts to wonder, I can't help but wonder who will come up yonder. Maupin once again beckens. If you wonder should I go check out this video.


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NOT Overflowing the potties is very, very important!
I don't want any more of your crap!
I'm in. I think EP is out. Solo. Crank up the tunes. I want to caravan, so us NorCal folks should figure this out. Let's discuss at Bus City??
Regis said:
How many of the 75 spots are left?

I'd go to the IAC list and PM Mark directly ... his user name is deschutestrout
I'm feeling tarted. What and where is Maupin?
It's north of Bend, Or.. It's right on the Deschutes River. This will be the 5th year. Here is more info.

The Canterbury's said:
I'm feeling tarted. What and where is Maupin?
In case you would like to know what it's like, here is a link to my last years pictures. Watch the slideshow and you will know what is like.
Last year ws our first year at Maupin. I talked to Gary and Evelyn before making the trip, they were very helpful and even invited us to stop by their home in Oregon during our trip to Maupin. We followed then to Maupin and had a great time. They told us about several great camping spots along our way home back to California. I'll be headed back to Maupin again this year. Looking forward to the fun weekend.
Have people received confirmation of their spots? I sent my info in back in November or December but haven't heard. Just sent Mark a message, but wondered if anyone else has heard...

Regis - I am "in" in.
I emailed Mark my payment and registration last week. Mark sent me an email today letting me know he received my payment and registration and that I'm in.

If my dad can get some time off of work, he told me he would fly out to California and join me on the Maupin trip.
He confirmed my spot this morning. I'm in! We'll see you there!

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