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Has any one heard about the VW BUS MOVIE that is being made.Im wanting to see it.

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It's nearly done. I have it on good authority that the opening will likely be in Missoula Montana, at either the Wilma Theater or the Roxy Theater.



Update: February 23 in Missoula


Cool, I will be there!!

It's on like Donkey Kong. 

I wish I still lived in Missoula. Damn that would be cool!


Wish I could make the Missoula screening!  Gary

Wish I could make it up there too, Gary....  I wonder if me or my bus made the cut ? My mailbox maybe? Haha!


Yah, the mail box should make the cut. I was interviewed but.....

Great movie.  I've watched it at least 10 times.

I ordered it and it arrived today in the mail.  The one I'd love to see is a documentary titled Circle the Wagen.

Hi Cheryl, it's thrilling to come on here & see you being excited about seeing our film that we've worked so long on. I enjoyed The Bus as well, but it sounds like you're suspecting ours is a bit different & you're right. Circle the Wagen is more of a narrative documentary, or "a buddy/road-trip/docu-dramedy" to be exact, & less a historical doc(although there's a tad). We're looking to be available for dvd purchase & online watching in June. But I haven't announced that yet, so shhhh;)

Hi Charlie!

Thanks for the great news about Circle the Wagen. i can't wait to but/watch.  Your secret's safe with me.  Please keep me in the loop.  I'm so looking forward to watching.



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