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I have recently purchased a V-W Type-2 Camper Van. For years I was an avid motorcycle camper. Now, I'm planning many long trips aboard my V-W.



A few years ago I crossed country with some friends in a motor home. For almost all "just passing through" overnighters we parked (and spent the night) in a Walmart Parking Lot.

Is this still allowed?


Thanks! Johnny Mac

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Mostly, not so much anymore. It's not the Walmarts that object, it's the local authorities who got tired of what all else went on. You still have truck stops, rest areas and (during the day) Park-n-Ride.

Erecting a curtain between the cab and the back section helps to hide the fact that you may be camping unlawfully.

Yep, like Joe said with the curtain placement...  I have had good luck with parking lots of 24 hour places.  I always keep the drivers area open, and set my "club" steering wheel lock on the wheel. (who would do that if they are sleeping in the vehicle, right?)

 I always try to park directly under the lights, so nobody can see my interior lights if I use them.  I also park near other vehicles somewhere in the middle.  Being way at the back in the dark is a giveaway.

    The people I've seen get busted stay too long, have curtains over their windshield, set things outside, let dogs run around, have sink water dripping on the ground, etc...

I think you're gonna find a wide variance on this, depending on the location (e.g., Maine is different from California is different from Montana). I've not noticed any reduction in the number of campers blatantly overnighting at WalMarts around here and did it myself just last Summer. Call the specific WalMart ahead of time to be sure. 

THANKS, ALL! Great information!


Johnny Mac

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