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Greetings all.  Hope this is the correct forum for this topic.

I, for one, don't usually cook with heat, except for breakfast tasties and smores and the occasional hot dog.  It's all due to the cleanup.  I'm usually a lunch meat and cheese, chips and salsa kinda guy.  I'm OK with that as a weekend warrior.

I am adaptable and have been starting to think about meals that require heat.  Nothing wrong with a (grilled) ham and cheese, right?  This will probably morph into a one pot, what's for supper thing.

So to expand on that I just received the "Camper's Kit" from this place.


I was led to them from one of our distinguished members.  Thank you for that on multiple levels.

I am anxious to try it out and the weather report for this week looks promising.  

In closing, for now, this thread does not have to be solely about solar.

Please chime in with your cooking methods and choice(s) of cooker thingys.

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Greetings.  Today is June 30 and it's gonna be another hot one. 

Opened up the solar cooker kit.  Took 37 seconds to set it up.

The first meal is a bit less than a pound of chuck with some shrooms, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.

The directions state it's not necessary to add water with meats or veggies.  I did however put in about 1/2 cup of beef stock.

Within two minutes of being set up the temp near the pot was more than ambient.  

It's 11:30 am.  I'll pull it off at 2:30 pm for a looksie. 


This is at four hours.  Coulda used more liquid.  The carrots are done with just a hint of crunch.  The meat looks dead.  I didn't sear it.  Next time I will do that for any meat.  I could smell the aroma from five feet away.  I'm going to leave it cooking for another hour.  Coupla pic's showing temps.

Messed up a bit.  Here's the pic's


It's 5:30 pm.  The meat fell apart like pot roast as we know it.  Wow.  This was a successful first attempt at solar cooking.

Gotta go.  Chow time.

On a day like today, you hardly needed the solar cooker at all in Sacramento!

But I'm glad it worked out for you.  I wouldn't have added the broccoli, though, since it was bound to overcook.

I cooked some meat loaf and rice in my larger solar box cooker a couple of days ago. Yum.

regis101 said:

It's 5:30 pm.  The meat fell apart like pot roast as we know it.  Wow.  This was a successful first attempt at solar cooking.

Gotta go.  Chow time.

All turned out well.  Nothing was really anymore done than the other.  This first round of culinary awareness makes me want to try an assortment of veggies coated in a bit of olive oil for the roasting effect.  

The broccoli was part of the bagged veggies.  I didn't use the frozen bags.  

At least I know I won't go hungry.  Mmmm, meatloaf.  

On Monday, I tried potatoes, onions, carrots and celery ( no broccoli ) with a splash of chicken stock.  Three hours later it was done.  Brought it inside and thickened up the juices with a bit of corn starch to make veggie stew.  Yum. Ate straight from the pot.  Gonna have to carve myself a wooden spoon.

Today was three skinless chicken breasts setting on a bed of onions and potatoes.  I didn't sear the chicken just salt and pepper.

Could have stopped it at three hours but took it to four.  The internal meat temp was 170*.  Moist and tender.  Perfect.

Topped that off with a bit of flour and milk to thicken up the juices.  Cut everything up fine and it was sort of like chicken pot pie without the pie.  Tasty yum yums.

I'm done.  You all get the gist.

Maybe someday the potluck can be all solar.  Just thinkin'

For me, it was baked potatoes today. I put 'em in for five hours. Even after it got a tad overcast this afternoon, they still baked up fine.

If you want more info, here's a write-up I did some years ago and put on my tentmaking web site:


Good info.  Imprinted it out to put for future reference.

Today, I fast.

Today, I feast.  

This is a 3# pot roast that sat on a bed of onions and potatoes.  The pot was setting up on a saucer plate inside the bag. Dunno if this helped or not.  No matter.  Today, the temp was in the mid -80's.  Cooking time was 8 hrs from stone cold to deliciousness.  Some tortilla's and cheese and it's all good.


The internal temp of the meat was 160.



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