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Hello all:

Spending hours perusing other families accounts of their travels in vans has inspired me to finally take the leap. This blog is still in its infancy, but I hope you will enjoy following us as we begin planning our year-long travels through Europe. If you like what you see, 'follow' us to receive notifications of new posts and photos. Safe and happy travels, 


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For some reason, none of the photos are loading for me. Not sure why...

Oh boo. I'm not sure why either. There are some links in the Facebook page, do they work if you if you click from there?


No, I see this:

Okay - yes. they load now. All I did different is "like" your FB page. That's shouldn't have made a difference. Oh, well - ignore me. Blog looks good. I'll add it to the blog list...

Thanks for all the visits to the blog, VW Camper Family!! I can see lots of you have been stopping by, and hope you enjoyed the very early stages of my foray into the online blog-o-sphere. There will be much tinkering and many small trips as we count down to our trip to Europe. . . ETD: 1 year. Please keep checking in, or 'follow' the blog to receive notifications of new posts. Thanks again and happy travels!!


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