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Anyone interested in a NorCal Spring Van down by the river Cruise?


Found a free day use area in Lake Berryessa (Napa) which looked pretty nice.





Thinking of a leisurly cruise on a Sunday afternoon with hot dog pot luck at the park.


Looks like the campground will be finished soon so it could be a "scout trip" for a future campout as well.


Also found a free camp ground with great mountain biking trails and is dog friendly to boot!!



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Free is good. Put it on the calendar and they will come!
Sounds good. Yeah - pick a day and I'll try to make it!
Please share the location of the free campground for pups!!!!
Im up for it anytime. Just let me know when.......

Currently it is only free day use no overnight, it looks like once the campground is finished it will become a pay camp. Still nice.



Bus Boy Bob said:

Please share the location of the free campground for pups!!!!

I will check to make sure the sites will still be open for the cruise/campout.


Here are some non event dates:

23, 24



Any Recommendations?

Any date is fine with me. Just e-mail me....


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