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My name is Greg Whitmore.  Look me  up if you'd like.  I'm trying to make it to the NW for vacation next summer.  It would be great to get to know some of ya'll.  Since this group isn't very active, maybe I'll have better luck through FB.

Just as long as you don't want me to play farmville.

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Well, Laura Anne, use this forum to meet volks along your way. Post and they will come.

Laura Anne said:
Hey Greg, I'm going to be traveling in my Westy out west, I live in Boone NC right now tho. I tried to look ya up on FB but had no results :( Anyways if you'd like to add me, please do! I want to get to know other Westy owners too! East/West coast, or in the middle!
Laura Anne Collins
I have now begged on Facebook to be Laura Anne's friend.

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