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Hi everyone,

We just got back from our trip to Buses by the Bridge. We had a great time and took a few pictures too. It was nice seeing John again as well as  Bud and family. It was a little windy one day not too bad the rest of the time. Check out the pictures with the slideshow on full sceen.



Gary Marrs

70 Westy

78 Westy

83.5 Westy

07  Beetle

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Thanks for sharing your pictures.  It must have been a great road trip.  How long were you, Evelyn and Pissy gone?

We were on the road for 10 weeks. It was a great trip, with rain, sun, wind, friends, family, treasure hunting and just having a great time. Van ran great until next to last day, when it starting to cut out every so often.  We stayed the night at Rolling Hills and the next morning I changed the fuel fliter and that took care of the problem.

I posted my pics on facebook~ but I made the album viewable by "everybody".  Here's the link~



Thanks for sharing!  I love to look for my bus in other's pics :D

I was going to look for you, and then when I got there I forgot. It was like a whirlwind, so many old friends and things to do. So where are you now? We were on the road for 10 weeks and are now home here in La Pine, Or. I already miss it. You should come up here to the PNW this summer. It just doesn't get any better. Lot's of things to do and lots of camping.
Yeah it was hard to remember who all to look for!  There were so many Buses :D  I am back "home" in South Carolina, and I miss traveling as well!  We were on the road for about 3 months, although I am very happy to have a bathroom!   I want to visit Oregon, hopefully we will make out next trip out west in warmer weather.
Thanks, Gary! I watched the slide show at lunch today. I remember you under my bus changing the fuel filter in DV...
Great pictures! Does anyone else go there that belongs to this site? How about we all meet for 2012 Buses by the Bridge?!

You're on !!!! There are several from this group and also The WetWesties up here in the Pacific Northwest. We do lot's of campouts up here all summer.  So if you get tired of the heat down there in Vegas, head north. Will be looking for you in 2012. We just did Maupin, Or. a couple of weeks ago, check out the pitures.


Click on the red bus and see other campouts pictures.

  Any body driving down to AZ , 2012 Buses by the bridge next week?

Hi Gary,
We are selling our Westy, so let people know that you come in contact with that a 1987 Westfalia camper van is hitting the market. Jason Newton said to hold well on the price as she is one of the prettiest vans in Oregon. ($18,000). Appraised at $19,500. We bought a Rialta VW after going to BBTB and the Salton sea. Wonderful trip. Hope you had fun coming back across to Oregon from Florida. Our van ran like a dream the whole trip! Hope to see you at Fishermans Bend, probably in the Rialta! Cheers and hi to Evie! Suzy and Jerry Wojcik. Eugene, Oregon
Gary how was your trip to Florida?

It was great, we got back here in La Pine last Tuesday,  Feb. 28th. The drive over to Florida went well, with no problems, we mostly stayed in Truck stops like Love's and T&A, etc., we did stay in one Texas State Park on the way over for some showers and power. Made it to Florida in four days from Empire Landing just north of Parker, Az. which is just south of Lake Havasu, Az.. We lost a CV joint while there in Florida, so a ordered a whole new set from GoWesty and changed them out and headed West the next day. Total of 10 days there in Florida. Took our time coming back, stopped at a Louisiana State Park, between the humidity and mosquitos, we managed to see some gators and turtles. Stopped in Texas and stayed at a friend's house for a couple of days then off to Carlsbad Caverns, and Roswell, New Mexico, staying in New Mexico State Parks for those. Then off to Rio Rancho, which is just North of Albuquerque, NM. Stayed with Family there for about two days then it was off to Cottonwood, Az. to a Thousand Trails for a few days rest then off to Yuma to see more family then after a night there it was off to Temecula, Ca., to see Evelyn's sister Sarah, after that we headed north to Pacific Grove to our niece's new place she just rented and painted to whole inside of her two bedroom one bath house so she could move in on time, got'er done, and left there on Monday and spent the night at Rolling Hills Casino parking lot. Got up the next morning at 7:00 and headed home. It was snowing a little here and there on the way up but, about 30 mins. after we got home, it really started snowing good, so we nailed it coming home, we knew we were just ahead of a major storm. It snowed about 8" to 10" over the next couple of days.

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