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Hey anyone know a secret to filling up a VW (1978 Westy) at the stations down here without pushing half the Gas flowing outside on the bus...funky Vapor Capture Pumps - just won't seal right. Traveling through CA towards AZ for winter...but at the cost of Gas need to figure this one out ASAP. Thanks!!! RG and Gas Drenched Hotel VW :-(

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Thanks Romy...that's what I've tried...sometimes even with success! Ha!


Had a torn Filler Neck before...and it's a major pain replacing so I definitely do not want to force in the Pump Nozzle and tear another one. ;-)


Nice Camper you have there...many safe travels! Thanks~RG and Hotel VW

RG we have been great just got back from CDA today . We had a lot of travels all over MT this summer . Last push was a 700+ mile marathon in 2 days, developed a tick outside Livingston then broke a clutch cable in Anaconda made it home running very strong . The tick was bugging me it was audible around the #3 cyl compression was down to 9o. Long story short motor out heads coming off doing top end rebuild this winter . Hope all is well and please send some of that weather up here in about a month, you know we will need it . Safe travels

That was a Marathon! Wished I was still in CDA. Sorry to hear about your VW...I actually think something may be awry with mine also. Power down after only 3000 miles on this Northwest/West Coast Adventure (5K on a New Engine built by a now suspect Self Claimed VW Mechanic-Crappers) Can't find a decent mechanic around here yet, so I've tried everything I know to do and will have to try to find Someone who KNOWS Aircoolers somewhere along my travels towards San Diego next Month.

I will try and send you all some warmer weather...(bit too warm today at 89)...but you know Montana. My Sister lives in Big Fork and says it's starting to turn already...get the firewood cut~ Ha!

Hope to get together when I get back up that way. Take Care Buddy! RG and Hotel VW going South for Winter!!



I've since found the best thing is to wrap a towel tightly around the filler Neck and pump Very Slowly. Thanks everyone for the input. Safe Travels! RG and Hotel VW
Yep Cali gas pumps are the worst for us Bay window drivers!  Pump slowly, thats what I had to do

Thanks Laura...I've pumped it very slowly and added a Rag around the seal...it seems to work the best. I only lose about a Dollars worth of fuel...then as I drive away, the Gas Rag gets lit on fire and tossed back at the Station (for targeting the Bay Windows)...jus' Kidding. :-0


Safe Travels! ~ RG and Hotel VW

Two uses for the rag~ stop leak and make-shift Molotov cocktail!  Never from a Bus driver ;) lol

I had that problem at first, it was so bad it was flowing down side of bus.. 


I figured out that if  I   just pump slowly and also hold the nozzle up as high as I can towards the top of the gas tank opening at an angle..very high angle and also holding it very firmly....


Let me know if you try  it :)

Thanks Kat T...I'll try anything to save the wasted gas. Thinking of connecting a small piece of Rubber Tube (Solvent Resistent) over the Filler Mouth each time I fill her up to give a better seal? Thanks Again-Nice Westy!



I jam it in as far as it goes then point the business end towards the ground, holding the back of the pistol high as possible.  This usually does the trick but you must hold it in place.

Good Day RG,

Just to let you know, I have a 76 Westy with the same problem. The gas goes everywhere and it takes forever to put in 10 gals. I am looking for the same answer so if you come up with something let me know.

Thanks, Good luck to both of us,


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