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Say goodbye to Bothe-Napa


As the saying goes, "I can't believe we still have to protest this crap".


Once again, parks in California are on the chopping block. This includes Bothe Napa, where the Gold Country Campers hold their Thanksgiving campout, and several others that we have camped in with Big Blue.


If you are so inclined, take a moment to send a letter of opposition at this website:






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Do not despair just yet. Just two years ago, the same thing happened. And guess what? All the parks remained open. I'm a board member of the Governor's Mansion SHP Foundation and we have a board meeting next week. I may get some inside scoop that I can share after that meeting. In the meantime, protest away!

Just protested!

I can't believe they want to close 25% of the parks that's insanity! When I lived in California, I was 15 to 20 min to the entrance of Yosemite, and many of the smaller surrounding towns economy was derived from tourism to the park. This would have a devastating effect on the local economies that surround these parks! Not to mention it's just stupid...



Shawn - proposal is to close State Parks not National Parks, however, a valid point concerning local communities. State of CA used Federal grant money to acquire park lands, fed money comes with strings attached including non-closure. This is one issue that prevented some State Parks from closing last time. I believe several parks on this lastest list have similar Fed-grant conditions.



I'll keep my fingers crossed that they'll be spared once again!

This seems to be a trend, hopefully reversible.  I was just about to make a post asking for advice on camping north of SF.  I am from Ontario, Canada and was thinking of flying to CA and then renting something there (Westy? since i don't have time to make the drive) to do a few weeks in wine country this fall 2011.  It looks like the state parks are being decimated, maybe not a good plan.

Don't worry! We would send you off to much cooler "insider-only" campgrounds. The State campgrounds tend to be "amateur hour " affairs with sites close together sporting lotsa bright Coleman lanterns.

Joe's right. Fear not - there are plenty of county parks and private parks to camp at around here. Bothe Napa is nice and will certainly be missed should it close, but the show goes on. They can't keep a good camper down.


If your plans could include flying into SoCal, consider renting from VWSurfari. They are good folks and friends of the Family: http://www.vwsurfari.com/

Any update on the situation with the parks?


I see The Dead is helping:



WestyWoman - you hear any inside info? Should we be fighting?


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