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Friday morning I loaded up The Pig and jumped in the driver's seat to go out and run some errands. I put the key in the ignition, and turned it. Now usually, this results in the wonderful sound of engine roaring to life.  This time was different though. The engine turned over, and over, and over, and over, but would not start. 


All the lights were shining on the dash, everything seemed as normal as it ever was. 


I went around to the back, opened the rear engine door, and looked around. I touched everything that looked like it connected to stuff, pushed down on everything, and just crossed my fingers. I repeated this step a few times... until it just suddenly started again. 


It's Sunday now, and I've driven it all over town a couple of time s since then. I'm just wondering what it could have been. It makes me a little nervous, but the bus starts up every time like clockwork, this was an odd occurrence. 


I read some of the "Engine Won't Start" section in the John Muir book, and it turns out I loosely followed the directions he gave just by sheer intuition. I'm a Bus Genius! (just kidding)


Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



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I had the same problem this afternoon again. Same thing, jiggled some connections around and it started right up. I'm starting to get concerned.  I'm going to have to start ruling out problems and see what I come up with. As soon as I get a place with a spot that I can work on the bus, I'm going to start getting some experience with working on it myself.  I don't want to keep taking it to the mechanic for every little problem and spending all that money unnecessarily. 



Maybe these wires hanging down that go to the coil? I need to zip tie them up or something.

Hopefully something simple like a blocked fuel filter...


When I bought my bus (it's my first bus), the PO had a box of emergency goodies under the back seat (a gas can, fuel filter, duct tape, throttle cable, timing belt, etc.).  It was only then I began learning about the common failure points on a vw van.


I am getting into the habbit of changing our fuel filter at the beginning of the summer (at the same time as replacing the fuel lines) - or on the rare occasion of running out of gas.


The other spot to check would be the fuel pump, which would also fit with your inermittent fuel problem.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.





Thank You Scott... this post has me planning to add a fuel filter and timing belt to my emergency roadside kit!

Go wire by wire especially look at wiring that is touching metal for worn through spots that might be grounding on the engine case.  You might start pulling the wires off the coil clean or lightly scuff up the connectors for a good connection.  Check for vacuum leaks on all your vacuum hoses.  You have fuel injection so your vacuum is very important.  Check the electrical connection on your fuel pump.  It should be mounted underneath just in front of the rear beam.  When you change your fuel filter make sure the fuel filter is for fuel injection.  The fuel filters for Non fuel injection will not hold up to the pressure the FI fuel pump puts out.


Oh by the way its an alternator belt not a timing belt.

Ahhh. Thanks Herman, thats good advice.  I'm working through it. I'll let you guys know what I come up with. All the advice is AWESOME. Thank You. 


Thanks for the correction on the alternator belt, Herman.





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