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Im new to this site and from what I see I like it a lot! I acquired my dads 77 Westy this spring, he passed 3 yr ago. I love camping, have always had a travel trailer and still do but want to enjoy camping in my bus. So ive started putting my ol s'cool stuff in it and my first question came about,,,what type of wick style lantern oil does everyone use that don't stink up the bus while in transit?

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Welcome aboard. Sorry to here about your Dad. It is neat that you inheritied his bus. I was younger when my Grandma passed and wasn't interested in busses at the time. She had a CE Westy. Would have been cool to have it now. 

Anyway, welcome to the site. Maybe we'll see you out there. :D

Well "inheritied" isn't the word that comes to my mind, it was going to be sold to 1st person with quite abit of money, soooo I had to do some scrambing, but I was not going to let it get out of the family. I get a lot of guff about his bus, he wanted more power, he converted it with a 3800 v6 buick, and wow does it have power, dependability is huge also, It was his pride and joy, and his last few yrs I would make sure he got a ride in it every chance I got to take him. Then it sat for 3 yr so I have to go over it change some rubber lines stuff like that but come next spring my boy and I are going to make our own memories. He's 12 and he knows it will be his and my will makes sure it wont have to be bought to stay in family, the boy is pumped about camping and cruising next season. We hope to meet a lot of fellow bus people out there.

Hi Rick, newcomer myself here. In response to the question...my wife and I ended up buying n LCD lantern. It burns as bright and is much quieter than the kerosene type. Also means less we had to pack in the van, as you know, room is premium. Hope we can see each other out there as well. We aslo have a '77 Westfalia. :D

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