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  Newbie to this site. Any of ya'll from Alabama? 

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I'm in Birmingham.

Really? What part? I'm in the Bessemer area. Todd's a bit farther away in Chelsea.

There's a few of us around here.


The west side of Homewood.

You're not to terribly far from me then. I'm near McAdory high School Exit 1, 459.

Come to Tannehill State Park on August 25th. You'll be surprised ;)


Some of us bus nerds in Bham and Montgomery are trying to plan a campout possibly at Mt Cheaha in the next month. I'll keep you posted.

That sounds great!  Feb 9th is my daugfhters B-day so may have other plans on that weekend but any other is cool and I plan to be there.  This bus has done alot of solo campin, it'll be nice to camp with others.

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