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Hello everybody, i'm new here, my name is Mathew and i'm 54. I love my friend the Joker (that's the European name of the bus i own) The  van is full original, nothing has changed from his birthday: 21 March 1989. He is in very good shape.  I'm the second owner, i buy my van from eldery Swiss people during a holiday in Switserland and i imported my van self to the Netherlands. So, this is me.

I'ts not my first forum, in Holland, there is a big forum with a lot of members and they help iech other with the typical VW Transporter (Vanagon) problems.

If any of you need some information over the Netherlands, camping, holiday tips or anything, ask me. I'm glad to help.


Search: mfweert on Youtube and there you find several movies and good memories from me and my van.




Greetings from Holland,



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