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Hi Volks, me & M.E. are going to be attending Saturday and Sunday (one night). We have site #38, and my SOB (Some Other Brand--Nissan Pickup) friend, Linda will be doubling up with us. We're going to cut out for a few hours to attend our company holiday party in SL, and try to be back about 9pm to drink Bailey's around the fire.

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Hilda and I are trying to work it out so we can come up on Sat., but will have to leave about 4. At least we are trying. Hope to be there for a while and meet some of yall.
Deb and I are planning on stopping by for the day on Saturday. We have our annual neighborhood holiday party Saturday night. See you guy/gals Saturday.
Romy and I might come for Saturday night, but its not certain. All kinds of stuff is piling up for us this weekend, so if it gets too hectic, we won't make it out. Very sad :-(
Come over to the dark side--we have cookies! Hope you don't get too snowed under.

Jenn Frederick said:
Romy and I might come for Saturday night, but its not certain. All kinds of stuff is piling up for us this weekend, so if it gets too hectic, we won't make it out. Very sad :-(
Who is going to be there Friday-night? Is it just Regis?
I just might be there Friday (without Deb) and campout for the night. I noticed that #40 was open for Friday-night but reserved for Saturday. 34,36 and 38 was reserved for Friday and Saturday.
Good to know about # 36.

When Deb comes home, I'll let her know that I'm going camping Friday and that she can go and ride her horse on Friday and Saturday. If she buys into it, I will be there Friday :).
Not me this time, I've got my old man in town! And he's not a camper!
Sorry guys/gals, I found out yesterday that the memorial for a co-worker is tomorrow, so I won't be making it to Del Valle. To get my Westy fix, I'll drive highway 35 (skyline) to hightway 9, and into Santa Cruz to check out Van Cafe. On the way home checkout some campground for future campouts, then cruiise up Highway 1 to Highway 84 and back home.

Have a great time at Del Valle.
As usual....Can't make it Sat. Something has come up that needs my attention....We were in such hopes...but we will keep trying and we will make it. I really believe it to be so. SOOOO ....We will catch you another time.....Thanks for keeping a spot open
Nice trailer, Regis! So this is the mysterious "new equipment" that needed a shake-down run. Well done!

I rolled our new cargo teardrop trailer for the first time. It functioned well. For the first trip, I loaded (everything) that is in the camping arsenal. For future outings, I'll just take whats needed and save a coupla hun lbs. Gross trailer weight was hovering at 1k lbs. The Bus knew it was there but I was impressed as to how it pulled the hills to the lake. On the flats I had to look back to make sure it was still there. I'm new to trailering and I had trouble backing it into the spot. Ended up unhooking and pushed it into its resting place. Del Valle is a nice campground that offers year round camping. I posted a few pic's in the gallery.
Jeff, I enjoyed your snow picture with your Westy & Meg. Thanks for posting that.

Jeff Soldout said:
I was there Saturday and Sunday night. It was nice to hang out with Regis, and the campground is lovely. Got to see Fall colors then got snowed in (almost ;) Monday, which was fun. The Mr. Buddy heater came in handy, and a base layer of thermal clothes kept me warm too.

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