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Looking for a great spot for some on the beach westy camping in Oregon!

My girlfriend and I a couple months ago finally got our hands on a 1982 westy. I am celebrating my birthday this upcoming weekend (mar. 23rd) and I would love to go camping on the beach in Oregon. I live in Portland right now, most of the spots I have camped at are either hike in or tacky campground style. I was wondering if anyone has camped on the Oregon coast at a spot that is maybe remote or secluded or close to that. I just want to slide the door open in the morning and watch the ocean. If anyone could help with some info I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!



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Hi Alex,

You might want to join WetWesties also, they are more centered up here in Oregon and Washington. There are a lot of members in Portland and surrounding area. Check them out at www.wetwesties.org/ . I'm sure you would get lots of feedback on places to camp on the coast.

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