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Just got done installing my second 80 watt panel. I can now run a microwave,toaster,laptop,coffee maker or what ever...So now with the top raised up I get continuous charging from sun up to sun set without blockage from the pop top.

 Oh, that's firewood I keep in the front luggage bin under the front panel,keeps it dry out of the rain.


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Thanks ! the charger does battery number 1 and once done moves onto number 2. Depending on my useage, I might add another panel, maybe one that tilts like the original poster. Now if I could only figure out an easy way of re/laminating the interior surfaces, I have a lot of lifted/partially lifted fake wood in the van - I'm contemplating covering it with contact paper or something like that.
Be careful with that that contact paper idea, that fake wood interior actually has a value to it, there is someone out there selling it so try to repair it first.

http://www.grassroutesleisure.co.uk/acatalog/Vohringer_Ply_3mm.html I think it's called vohringer board which was used by Westfalia 

Walnut Vohringer Ply seems to be the right color, bad news they are in the UK, but is a good jump off point for searching for the right material. 


thanks Paul ! Good advice on the value - the PO trashed parts of it unfortunately.
I've checked in before with comments and continue to be interested in the use of solar to provide power in my '69 Westfalia to run a stereo, blender or computer. Harbor Freight offers a 45 watt kit (panels and hookups) for $230 and 750 watt inverter for about $40. Curious is anyone has purchased this unit or could offer advice. Thanks!
Not sure 45 watts cuts it for a blender. You will also need an additional auxiliary battery. The panels your talking about are a bit flimsy, I use them on my greenhouse. My 2 cents.

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