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New owner of a 1985 Vanagan Westfalia.Trying to plan route from BC to Yuma and back

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I am wanting to travel from Kamloops to Yuma, hitting fresno to visit friends, then The Grand Canyon, Boise etc sometime in the New Year.  I'm looking for places to see, stay, and explore. My plan is to travel no more that 5 hours a day, preferably less, depending on whatevers...  Hoping to find really inexpensive spots to spend the night, preferably not Walmarts but if I have to I will. This will be my maiden voyage, just me and my dog. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, I'm all ears.

thank you.


What time of year are you planning on going?? That way people could offer you places to stay. My wife and I would be willing to offer you a place to stop/shower/wash clothes/etc., but as we are VW Camper people too and are often "on the road", it would help to know if we would be home about the time you would be passing through our area. We live in La Pine, Or. which is about 30 miles south of Bend, Or. We live in the country close to many camping areas and have an acre of land, so there is lots of room.  You might want join the WetWesties also, as there are many members in PNW that would be happy to give you a place to camp over for a night or more.  www.wetwesties.org . Good luck on your adventure, hope you're not going to Yuma in the summer, boy is it hot. Sooooooooooo, let us all know when you are going on your trip.

Gary, Thank you that is so kind of you.

I'm thinking jan-feb as that seems to be the earliest that I can go, however,

I joined wetwesties but I'm not sure my message went to the right place, it seems to have linked onto someone elses post,

once I start to get a better idea of where and when I will let you know and see if it works for you two to have a vw in your driveway. Thanks again.

Well if it's open by then ,  were next to the Grand Canyon in Flagstaff AZ.  Place to stay and know all the cool places to go in  northern AZ. And I'm on the Vanagon rescue squad to. Joseph

Joseph B. Solomon
Thank you very much
I can't believe how awesome people are who love VW's

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