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Hi Everyone, I just joined the group from hearing about it through WetWesties. Glad to have found a group doing activities within California. It is my plan to participate and meet other VW owners. I have been living in my Vanagon 1990 for 8 months now, and loving it! Now house-sitting for six months over the winter, and then back in the "hoba" (feminine of hobo- name of my VW) lifestyle.

Looking forward to meeting you all.
Thanks for creating this group.

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Chantal - Welcome! Check out the events in the "Calendar" section and try to make one. They are always a good time!

if been a bus driver for two years now, and i love it. i have a 72 named "bulli". after our last local jamboree here in central texas, i have decided to redo the interior and making her water proof/resistent LOL. now i am progressing doing/learning body work. she is my daily driver, and i am in the progress of trading my 2000 golf for a 2007 Vespa...I share the dream that every bus driver had when they decided to buy a bus, and that is to make a cross country tour filled with adventure. I have pretty much have done my camping in the region. but in the spring i would like to hit the texas coast, and next fall go to phonix to visit a friend and to perhaps go to jerome or busses by the bridge.
Wow, living the dream. Color me envious.

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