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So after camping in state and fed parks last summer, being squeezed next to other campers, I am looking for private places to camp with little or no other campers.. any suggestions as to where I can find good listings or anything else?  Been thinking of purchasing some land just for camping but not quite there yet..

west coast, mainly Cali




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Adam, you owe it to yourself, come up to Oregon. La Pine, Or. More of just that kind of camping than you can shake a stick at. Lakes, rivers, mountains, forrest, plus so much more.

The most crowded places I visited last summer was in Oregon.. Silver Falls. 

it was a hot spot, just some of the sights were so close. tents were less than 10 ft from each other.

I've been there and it a really nice place with great waterfalls. That's on the westside of the hills, and a State Park I'm on the East side, the drier side. We have lots of great campgrounds, and if want there is tons of free camping in the forrest lands. Come up here this summer on vacation. July/Aug are the best, Sept. is great too. We've got forrests, lakes, rivers, open country, rocks, snow, all the hiking you could dream of, oh, and none of the crowds. I can get on the ATV at my house and go all day long and maybe see only a handful of people, and that would be over at the lake at the campgrounds, or down by the river, and many times see nobody. This place is about 20 mins. from my house, http://www.flickr.com/photos/planetmarrs/sets/72157627234460469/

notice the crowds, and really this is nothing.

looks sweet, will have to check it out.

Come North to where the land is vast and open - from sea to sea...
Lots of places to get lost in BC...
You might also check my resources page for camping on www.theskylightguy.com
I would suggest also the boondocking site.
If you do come North, be sure to contact us too!
We are south of Lund, BC which is the start of HWY 101 which ends in the Southern tip of Chile

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