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Are we doing this, this year?

Per Google the Uberball Sunday date, is Feb. 2nd. 2014. That would make the campout Friday Jan. 31st thru  Sunday Feb.2nd or there abouts, oughta think about reservations. We went to Brannon Island State park the following day last year to check it out It was really nice, all green and such, if interested We'll look into it, maybe a group site? How many of us were there last year? I think it was a pretty good turn out, but then the old memory isn't what it used to be, at least it isn't what I remeber it used to be so, that could be suspect too...

Philip and Diana  

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Just did a quick search of Brannan Island and Sandy Beach. Prices are comprable even a little less, if anyone is interested will dig a little deeper, they have group sites on Reserve America $100.00, 30 people and 10 Vehicles, would have to call to see if notice on Brannan site regarding group site being closed is up to date and take a drive out there to see the set up. Single sites are only $25.00 per night, like I said it was really nice when we were there last year, per Reserve America it's all wide open that weekend....

I like Brannan Island. I camp there often and have enjoyed it every time. At that time of year we would have the place pretty much to ourselves.

Any one out there?????

Any interest in this?

How about a 1st annual Super-Chili-Bowl-Weekend ?

We could do a kind of Chili Cook-off for the Saturday Potluck, with biscuits or cornbread in the easy-bakes?

Maybe even as they say in Tortilla Flats, "Perhaps a little wine"....

Let us know, we'll take the lead and look into the reservations, kind of take the heat off of Regis for this one...

Philip and Diana

Hi Bruce...

We started it in the Forum, if we get some more feedback we'll move it to the events page.

Philip & Diana Harvey 

but then the old memory isn't what it used to be, at least it isn't what I remeber it used to be so, that could be suspect too...

So that's what it is... I was wondering about that. 

As a survivor of Chili Cookoffs in the past, let us lay hands on the noble pod and in the words of the semi-immortal Carroll Shelby of Terlingua Chili Championship and Cobra fame "you gotta run what you brung, no trips to the store for canned chili"  It is therefore advanced to the forefront of my futbawl schedule.  Heck I can record football, you caint record chili!

No beans about it, the gauntlet has been flung!  First prize is a genuine antique Cast Iron device donated by the venerable founder of BITS  (black iron touring society).

A gathering of leather-lipped chili heads and camp followers is serious business, so let's get serious about it.

Cane Rattler (reaching for the drool cup just now)

More about Shelby and Terlingua here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terlingua,_Texas

Hey all...

Moved this discussion over to Gold Country Campers, It looks like a go, Will contact Bannan This weekend for more info.


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